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Move Planning


Planning your move usually involved a lot of time and dedication. However, if you need to move on short notice you may not have the luxury of planning ahead. Here are some suggstions that may help you and prove useful for your move:

Planning managers
The majority of movers listed on this website have a planning manager who can assist with organising your move. With their professional assistance you can turn a hectic moving schedule into a manageable, organised and structured process. It is their job to help prevent or solve any difficulties which may arise during the course of your move. Ask your chosen company for a personal contact who can offer you such advice.

Moving survey
It can prove very helpful to do a moving survey. This can be arranged with your chosen moving company who will provide a representative who will prepare a moving report. The representative will often walk through your home with you and help create a list of what needs to be moved and the preparations involved in doing so. If you are well organised, you can also prepare such a report yourself. You can use a personal checklist. You can then simply pass this list on to your moving company and they will take the necessary steps for finalising your move. Don’t forget to check all other storage areas including garages, sheds and roof spaces when you are itemising your moving list.

Important documentation
Significant records and documents should always be carried with you in person when you move. Many of the goods and service providers in your new location may need copies of such documents in order to provide you with a needed service. These include such things as passports, birth certificates, driver licences and credit card details. Don't forget other important records such as bank information, social security and tax numbers, as well as medical paperwork. The last thing you want is to realise that you have packed such vital details and left them in storage.

Valuable items
It is also recommended to carry expensive items of sentimental or high value be shipped separately and also covered by a separate insurance. Consult your moving advisor for recommendations.

White goods
Fridges, freezers, ovens and washing machines that need to be moved will need to be disconnected, defrosted or drained and thoroughly dried before the removal takes place. Remove any items contained in your fridge/freezer. This also includes trays, shelves or other accessories from your machine before moving as they could get damage during the removal. Most movers are forbidden to tamper with the power supply to this goods so please ensure that they are disconnected.

Garages, sheds and other storage areas
For the safety of the moving crew ensure that any additional storage spaces which they may need to enter are sufficiently illuminated, floored and properly accessible with a fixed ladder. If you are concerned about accessibility please ensure that any items contained in these spaces are removed and placed in a convenient location before moving. This will also help your removal to go quicker.

Large items

You may need to give some thought to the accessibility of certain large items in your home such as couches, wardrobes or cabinets. Keep in mind whether you needed to have a window removed to get your couch delivered into your lounge room. Consider whether you have any new constructions which might obstruct the removal of large items which were already present in the room. Do any of you large items need to be taken apart before moving?

Computers and other electronic items
It is always recommend that you make back up copies of any important data and software regardless, but this is particularly important before your move.